Embracing the Charm of Old Québec

Posted by Gino Pagliuca on

Location: 55 Sault au Matelot, Lower Town Old Québec

The ambiance of Vieux-Québec envelops me, its cobblestone streets and historical charm serving as the perfect backdrop for our newest Atelier Anfibio boutique. 

Our new space itself is a blend of history and modernity. We preserved the original stone walls, adding contemporary touches through minimalist, yet warm decor that mirrors our brand's ethos—classic, dependable, and deeply connected to our roots. The windows offer a panoramic view of the bustling street and the majestic winter scenes that Old Québec is known for.

The community's reception has been heartwarming. Locals and tourists alike share stories of their winter escapades, while eyeing our latest collections. It's clear that our boots are more than just a protective layer; they are a companion for adventure in this picturesque part of the world. As we settle into our new home, I find myself reflecting on our journey. From a small family-run atelier in Montréal to a beloved brand that’s gearing up to celebrate its 56th anniversary, our growth has been guided by a love for craftsmanship and a commitment to quality. This new store is not just a place to sell boots—it's a space to celebrate culture, history, and the countless steps we take in the snow.

Here in Old Quebec, every cobblestone, every snowflake, and every warm greeting reinforces our mission: to offer not just footwear, but a way to step confidently into life's next adventure. We're here to make every winter memorable, and I am filled with anticipation for all the stories yet to unfold at our new location.

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