Our Story

Since 1968

From its beginnings as a locally produced men’s footwear company, Anfibio has grown into an internationally recognized lifestyle brand.


Vincenzo Passarelli, an Italian immigrant, joins De Luca Shoes Inc. in Montreal, a brand known for specializing in moccasins, platform shoes and the traditional San Crispino method. With his technical expertise and entrepreneurial spirit, Mr. Passarelli helps catapult the company into the fashion sphere.


Shifting the focus of the brand to the outdoor category, the first Anfibio winter collection is launched, and the first waterproof leather boot in Canada is introduced. By blending purposeful footwear with technological modernism, Anfibio hits the fashion-meets-function sweet spot. In this time, as Anfibio’s profile grows, the brand commits to producing shoes and boots in non-standardized sizes and widths, making it the only quality heritage company to offer styles up to size 19.


The Passarelli family & partners takes full ownership of Anfibio Co. and the family members step into active leadership roles to help shape the brand.


Anfibio Co. moves its headquarters to a location north of Montreal. The company solidifies its pledge to remain 100% Made in Canada and launches ecommerce through Anfibioboots.com.


The company embarks on a rebrand, redefining its look and profile with a stylized logo featuring a silhouetted penguin in the centre of the letter A. It’s a conceptual yet accessible emblem that symbolizes the company’s evolution from outdoor boots to a full-fledged lifestyle footwear brand.


To celebrate its 50th anniversary, Anfibio Co. opens its first flagship boutique, the Atelier Anfibio & Co boutique in the Villeray District. To this day and beyond, Anfibio remains committed to creating 100% Made in Canada footwear that honour heritage craftsmanship and technology driven excellence.

An Atelier Since 1968

From our beginnings in 1968, craftsmanship has stood at the heart of every pair of Anfibio boots.


Inspired by our rich Canadian heritage and anchored in authentic continental craftsmanship, Anfibio creates winter footwear that stands at the axis of uncompromising style and unparalleled artistry.

Lasting Values

Since 1968, we have dedicated ourselves to producing a stellar product that upholds the truths and beliefs of our brand. We thrive on ethical principles, uphold environmental standards and enforce transparent practices to create boots that don’t just look good, but promote a message of lasting and authentic excellence.

Our heritage derives from family: we started as a family- run business and continue to function as one today. We believe in the values of trust, loyalty, dependability and truth, and apply them to each pair of boots we create and every relationship we develop.

By thinking small to solve big, Anfibio continues to challenge the status quo by fostering the codes of slow fashion and creating a function-first product that is second to none. It’s meaningful footwear for a value-driven consumer.

Pioneers in All-Weather Footwear

Technical excellence, inspired by Canada’s cold, wet climate is our hallmark, while up-to-date details adapt our boots to modern demands.

Built to Last

Where microfibre, wool and shearling linings guarantee dryness and warmth, our superior-grade leathers boast durability as well as an uncompromising adherence to good taste. The statement is boots that are both overtly durable and subtly chic.

We work closely with our tanneries to source the best materials, many of which are made exclusively for us, and rigorously test them to ensure the colour and finish are exactly right. By using the most innovative tanning and finishing processes, we are able to maximize their natural beauty and design-driven function.


Proudly Canadian

When we say 100% Made in Canada, we mean it. Anfibio isn’t just a pioneer in quality footwear; it’s an incubator for exceptional talent, unparalleled performance and creative passion.

Supporting our own

Since 1968, our company has been vertically integrated, from design and manufacturing to distribution and sales, maintaining a commitment to Canadian production in every aspect. By blending Italian heritage with an entirely locally made product, Anfibio embodies the ultimate Canadian story. Today, our operation includes over 35 craftspeople, who along with production and management teams, work to create an authentic and unique item that represents our country’s true spirit. Made in Canada isn’t a slogan. It’s a pledge.